Audio conference equipment and conference audio visual rental solution
Audio conference equipment and conference audio visual rental solution

      “AV  vendors  should  win  a  meeting planner's

business  and  confidence   through  performance,

product  choice,  and  competitive pricing, and not

as  a result  of  restrictive   trade   practices.  Those

companies   that  invest  in   their   products,  their

personnel, and their sales programs are rewarded

with  long-term   customer  relationships  that  are

based  on  the  value  that  these  assets  deliver to

those customers. Conversely, when customers are forced by the facility they are occupying, to work with a preferred vendor, they relinquish control over the quality and the cost of their AV services.” 

Our Policies

Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is very important to us at AV Rentals NYC, so we have established a Privacy Policy that regulates the use of your business or your personal information. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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Financial Policy.

Thank you for considering us as your potential audiovisual provider. We are committed to providing you with the best possible event service within your budget. Your clear understanding of our financial policy is important to our professional relationship. We make every effort to keep our rental, delivery, and labor charges reasonable, while at the same time covering the cost of the services we provide. In order to keep our services costs to a minimum, we have applied some discounts and gift card offers. Standard payment terms and condition are determined in our business agreement. Payment can be made with Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

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International Users.

Information you provide may be transferred or accessed by entities around the world as described in this Privacy Policy. AV Rentals NYC abides by the “safe harbor” frameworks set forth by the Department of Commerce of U.S. Government regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information collected by organizations in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Learn more about the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program.


Rental Policy.

Rental charges are based on a time out, not a time used basis. Each rental item has a daily, weekly, and monthly rate. A day is one twenty-four hour period, a week is seven days and a month is four weeks or 28 days. Some metered items are allowed 10 hours usage in a 24-hour period, 48 hours usage in a week, and 190 hours usage in a four-week period. Standard quoted rental charges are based on short term need - a day, a week, or perhaps a month or two. If your needs are long term, through advanced negotiation and with a guaranteed term rental, we will submit special offers.

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Pre-agreement Policy.

In order to avoid any situation where there is a high possibility of cancellation or time lost with respect to the duties and obligation of our sales representatives, and to provide a clear understanding of what must be avoided for the successful result and client satisfaction, AV Rentals NYC adopts some rules and regulations in a special guarantee letter. No client signature needed up front. Be sure you are contracted with the company where every sales agent will work quickly and professionally with your any initial budget to accommodate your event’s technical needs.

Click here to request a sample of our Guarantee Letter.


Agreement Policy.

We highly recommend using our standardized rental agreement in conjunction with your payment request. This confirms that both you and AV Rentals NYC are clear on the rental and payment terms for other services such as labor, technical assistance and delivery costs. When you placing your rental order with us, we offer three following options to change our rental agreement such as; proposal of you own rental agreement, customization of our standard rental agreement with payments terms, and adding specific paragraphs which were not included in our standard rental agreement.

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We provide TVs and monitors rentals, laptops and computers rentals, projectors and screens rentals, truss systems and lights rentals, stages and podiums rentals, iPads and printers rentals, speakers, mixers and microphones rentals, DJ equipment rentals, and communication systems rentals in NY, NJ, and PA states.

AV Rentals NYC event consultants will engage with you at no cost to begin the process of determining how we can help your company organize a great event in NYC. Click here to get started with a quick quote. Call us now at 212.464.8754 or 212.858.9339. No matter what services we are talking to you about, you'll find our pricing to be very competitive and definitely a great value! 

AV NYC, Inc.

At AV NYC, Inc. we have produced thousands events. We work with dedication and integrity to ensure we really understand clients' needs and offer them the best possible solutions. We use the feedback from our clients to constantly improve the experience of our events.







Our approach is to be our clients' partner and friend. A technical partner whom the client can trust at any time and a partner who would walk hand in hand in your event towards success.


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